Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis is an American designer, technologist, author and artist in new media. He uses Macromedia Flash and Processing as tools to generate art. An illustrator and painter with a passion for technology, Davis’ work showcased a rising genre of art. Davis was heavily involved in graphic and web design and from 1998 to 2001, he worked with the web production company Kioken. When Kioken folded, Davis became an independent web designer and artist, touring the world to speak at various graphic design conferences, such as SIGGRAPH, Flash Forward, FITC, BD4D,OFFF, Graphika Manila and others. Here are a few examples of Davis’ work: Image

One of davis’ projects, as shown below, was a black outlined print a few of his images printed to a large scale and put on a wall of a local mural in Mexico. The images below shows Davis colouring the image by hand, this he did all by himself but a few of the other prints he put up on walls were coloured by the public who were passing by.


Davis also collaborated with Windows 8 to design the default backgrounds on the Start Page. Here are a few images of his project for Windows 8:



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